About Us

Bold Moves is a movement to prevent sexual violence in all its forms. We believe that we can end rape by evolving our beliefs, biases, and behaviors. Even small changes can be bold moves.

What’s a bold move? Believing that sexual violence is preventable. Starting a conversation. Talking about sex. Talking about sexual assault prevention.

Who should you talk to? Yourself – learn, read, watch, dig deep. Your friends and family. Your bros, your posse. Potential partners. Potential sexual partners. Your spouse. Your coworkers. Your boss. Your church. Your book club. Your social media feed. Literally, everyone. There shouldn’t be stigma around talking about sexual assault prevention.

Why should you make bold moves? Because you can use your personal power and privilege to make small changes that promote equity, fairness, success for all, safety, acceptance, support — everything that helps shape our culture for the better and create a world free of sexual violence.

Bold Moves is a campaign powered by the ValorUS, formerly known as the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA). ValorUS provides leadership, vision and resources to rape crisis centers, individuals and other entities committed to ending sexual violence. ValorUS is committed to ending sexual violence through a multifaceted approach of prevention, intervention, education, research, advocacy and public policy. Through ongoing communication and meetings with constituents, ValorUS relays the challenges and successes of local work to the statewide and national levels and best practices, evidence-based and practice-based programs at the state and national levels to local constituents. For more information, visit www.valor.us.

You can get to know us more by checking out our partners and our work below, and by connecting with us on our social channels.