Bold Movers

We can all make a difference in preventing sexual assault. In addition to our Bold Partners, these links to other resources will be helpful.

For Parents

  • RALIANCE: Parent 2 Parent – 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 13 boys experience child sexual abuse. That can adversely affect how a person thinks, acts, and feels over a lifetime, resulting in physical and mental health consequences. The goal of Parent 2 Parent is to prevent child sexual abuse by providing parents and other caretakers of children and youth with sexual behavior problems with resources and tools to ensure children’s healthy sexual development and behavior.
  • National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV): Parent and Caregiver resources to help children build healthy relationships.

Culturally Specific Organizations

Born This Way

For Coaches

  • RALIANCE: Sport + Prevention Center – Sports can contribute to the pervasiveness of sexual and domestic violence and can also be a powerful part of the solution to preventing and ending it. If you are a coach or involved in sports in some capacity, you can be part of that solution.
  • National Alliance for Youth Sports: Bullying in sports. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found 20% of high school aged kids have experienced some form of bullying on school grounds alone in their lifetime. Those numbers only increase when incorporating recreation sports.

Working with Youth


At Work

  • RALIANCE Business: This resource center provides companies and organizations with a comprehensive approach to addressing and eliminating all forms of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace and across business operations. 
  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC): Ending Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Workplace.

For Faith Communities

Faith communities and advocates need customized tools and knowledge to address the faith and cultural issues related to sexual and domestic violence. These sites offer a wealth of multifaith and multicultural resources, training and education: 


In the Military


For Men

  • Global Guy Talk – Gather a group of guys and start talking about things that men rarely talk about, with the help of the conversational guides you find on this website. The ambition with #globalguytalk is to give us men the chance to contribute to a more equal society by starting with ourselves.

Local Resources

  • RALIANCE Rape Crisis Centers – In addition to crisis intervention, these Centers can provide you with resources focused on preventing and ending sexual violence that are localized to your community. These Centers can offer more in-person guidance, support and trainings.